The Southern Center for Caucasian Development

Welcome! We are glad you decided to visit our site. We are an organization that is still starting out, so please, check back often to see what else we have put up, including postings for new events and future plans.

WHAT WE ARE: Here at the Southern Center for Caucasian Development, or SCCD, our aim is to unify and promote a sense of pride and well-being among other Caucasian Americans. We are not a hate group, and indeed we invite all people of all races and ethnicities to this web page and any and all of our organized community events.

WHAT WE DO: Our main focus at the center is community. For some time now, other groups in our nation have created their own private organizations and community action offices. The NAACP, the Congress of Secular Jewish Organizations, the Knights of Columbus, and even the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and many many more. They are all different, of course, and range from groups that promote growth within a certain ethnic group or other form of demographic. In that light, we too aim to also bring a concept of growth and community to Caucasian Americans, not only as a collective group of people but also for the broader communities of which we are a part. We are not a racist entity nor do we associate with any kind of group that holds to racist ideologies. Instead, we only wish to reawaken the pride and former dignity our ethnic group once held.

WHAT DO THE WORDS "CAUCASIAN" AND "PRIDE" MEAN TO US: Strictly operating under the modern definitions, a Caucasian is traditionally any person from Europe, North Africa, Western Asia and India. The U.S. Cenus Bureau has narrowed the definition in our times to mean what are traditionally known as "White Americans." We find either acceptable. We understand that even among people of European descent, our cultures and customs differ widely across the nation, but we seek to find some common ground with all of our diverse brethren. Pride is a significant term, one that will be seen and heard much around our circles, but it has a deeper meaning than the surface shows. Of course, it would be hard and even foolish to be "proud" of your ethnic background, mainly because YOU had no say in the matter. But for us, pride means looking at the actions and accomplishments of our forebearers, and trying to immulate their successes in our own lives. And from there, we can gather our sense of pride. It's a pride in knowing our community can actually come together, despite great difference and difficulty, to make great things happen.

WHAT YOU CAN DO TO JOIN OR HELP: As mentioned before, we are open to all. Anyone who wants to help is free to assist us, either with research, cultural development or even economic welfare. We aim to be seen as a part of our communities, not a seperate body alien to or totally against our neighbors. For now, we do not have any community actions for which we are seeking direct funding, but donations are always accepted, in whatever form. And they will be placed directly into the community funds for later projects as we are able to find them. For those interested in lending a hand and even joining, there are no dues or any other fees. Simply email me, the Chairman of the SCCD and Director of the Research Department, at Send me your name or alias, age, location and a brief description of what you would like to help us with and I will get back to you in record time. Currently, we are headquartered outside of Atlanta, GA, local help is greatly sought. But, people from anywhere in the U.S. or abroad can give us a hand any time.

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